The Golden Lynx - C.P. Lesley

When was the last time you visited Tsarskaya Rossia or plotted against the most Terrible Ivan the tsar? Never, you say. Well, then I recommend you join Nasan – a strong-headed and strong-will Tatar princess – in her adventures around sixteenth century Moscow.


Nasan is sixteen and all her life she was taught to be well-behaved and obedient, so she can make a perfect wife to her husband. Not Nasan! All she wants to do is to roam the steppes on her trusted horse and practice her fighting skills with her brothers. Alas, soon enough, she is married off to a Russian noble as part of a peace treaty to end a long-standing family feud and moved to Moscow. There, to help herself cope with the new lifestyle and an unfaithful husband, Nasan goes out exploring the streets at night and helping those in distress. However, soon she finds herself involved in the political events that will test her loyalties.


Uncommon setting – Asiatic Russia – of the story introduces the reader to a whole new world of rarely explored history and culture. I loved every page of it and cannot wait for the second installment in the series!