An Inside Job - Simple & Effective Self-Hypnosis for Transformational Change - Tricia Woolfrey and Helen Craven

by Helen Craven & Tricia Woolfrey


If you find yourself living day to day working hard, riding on the stress wave of expectations, going to sleep and waking up more tired. If you give out more of yourself and still feel unfulfilled and unaccomplished, I highly recommend this 116-page book to you. This book provides you with basic tools of learning how to accept yourself and sort yourself out from the inside, so that you become emotionally stronger to face each day afresh and let go of things you don't need to hold on to. 


The book is broken down to ten chapters: 


  1. The first four chapters focus on the introduction to self-hypnosis, the history, understanding of mind and on basic breathing techniques (you'd be surprised to discover that breathing is the most natural thing and we still don't do it right!).


Chapter five teaches you how to affirm yourself and replace negative thinking with positive affirmations. It provides a list of various examples that could be use to practice.


Chapters six and seven introduce you to the art of visualisation to achieve positive change and reconcile inner conflict.


The rest of the chapters provide you with the summary and resources.


The book is well-written and techniques are well-explained. They are simple to implement on the daily basis. As authors say, even one minute a day is better than no time at all. I've been having difficulties sleeping, so I started listening to the CD (included in the book) to help myself fall asleep. I could feel the positive change in my sleeping pattern and I no longer wake up groggy and tired. That counts for something. I also know both Helen and Tricia in person. They are passionate about what they do and they go an extra mile to help others to change and improve their lives. I trust them.


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