The First Blast of the Trumpet

The First Blast of the Trumpet - Marie Macpherson I have read the book twice! Both times I was enthralled by the richness of history, fast-pace of the storytelling and the variety of characters involved in the events. We were all introduced to the British history (i.e. Henry VIII) from the English perspective. To have the same events presented from a different - Scottish - perspective is a paradigm shift. For a history/book lover, this book is a treasure! Characters come alive from the pages - I wanted to shake Davie Lindsay so many times for his inability to stay faithful; I cringed every time ecclesiastical clergy was exposed in their avarice and philandering; and I was fascinated as the author offered one of the alternative narratives for the youth of the most famous man in Scotland - John Knox - who was secretive about his upbringing. In all, the book is a great composition where love, loyalty, betrayal and struggle for power create a fascinating narrative! A must read - twice!