Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell i always said that every writer to a degree is a philosopher. david mitchell takes the top prize. 'cloud atlas' is a brilliant philosophical perspective on how everything is interconnected in the universe and how we, as humans, solely responsible for the rise of good and evil in our world. the book and the plot are cleverly designed. each chapter is a separate story, but not disconnected with one another. all of the stories are interconnected by an ideological thread that is revealed with every page. each story has its own unique writing style and genre that makes the book diverse. this diversity shows mitchell's genius of the literary language. he also goes even so far as creating new dialects to compliment the worlds he's created. his command of the language is impressive (and not only in english, but in french, spanish and german) and complex. however, this is also a disadvantage to a reader since it makes reading at times laborious and too long. (i understand now why so many reviewers weren't inspired to continue reading the book.) i must admit that reading the book was like groping your way along the wall in the dark tunnel. i didn't know what i'd come across next. however, if you choose to persevere through at times tedious narration and unusual spelling, the end won't disappoint.