Lucas - Aarti V Raman

by Aarti V. Raman


To all the fans of Historical Romance, there is a new kid on the block and his name is Lucas.


Although, the title of the book suggests a male hero, the story focuses on a young orphaned girl, Annabeth Martin, who due to circumstances finds herself a ward to the Duke of Stanhope, Lord Lucas Thorne. Lord Lucas, known as Lucifer to all around him, lives up to his name through his pride, moodiness and dark personality as well as outrageously blazing blue eyes. Humph, humph. To Annabeth, he is a hero, a saviour and who will take care of her forever. Inevitably, she falls in love with this anti-hero.


Forward six years, Annabeth grows up and her love for Lucas is stronger than ever. But when trying to open her heart, she only finds bitter rejection. She runs away and reinvents herself as a new woman. But the questions remain, did Lucas ever return Annabeth’s love?  Did he reject her only to protect her from his dark side? Will he ever be able to accept that Annabeth is his world? Well, you will only find your answers whilst reading the book. 


The characters are well-formed for the book of such genre. The storyline holds its ground. If you do a lot of intense reading and need a light-hearted, simpering break - Lucas, I would recommend.