The Life and Loves of a He Devil: A Memoir - Graham Norton

I like Graham Norton persona. I like The Graham Norton Show. Since I have not had a chance to meet the man or attend the show (can you imagine me as a celebrated guest on the red sofa – I would die!), I got this book. I liked the book. Reading the book is very much like lifting a curtain to take a peek behind the scenes of a glamorous lifestyle on the British television. You get what you see.


Truly, I’ve heard of celebrities who create a front stage persona that entertains the public, but in their personal lives they might be reserved or, worst: drama queens. But in his memoir, Graham Norton shows himself as you see him on TV. He is witty, charming, honest and generous. I was surprised to learn that with all of the fame garnered in the past several years, Graham does not let it go to his head. He loves it all (who wouldn’t!), but then remembers (with prompting from his family) to stay grounded. 


In his memoir, Graham Norton covers topics such as owning a dog (not a well-behaved one, too!), his growing up in Ireland and what it means to him to be Irish living in the UK. He reminisces about his time spent in New York when attempting to conquer American hearts. He shares his experience of meeting famous divas such as Dolly Parton and Madonna. He discusses things he loves to hate and matters like men, booze and work.


The memoir won’t have you roaring with laughter, but will get you chuckle and giggle here and there with an occasional “ooh” and “ahh”, and even perhaps have you wipe away an odd tear.