A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold (A Song of Ice and Fire #3, Part 2) - George R.R. Martin

by George R. R. Martin


Now, this is the second tome of volume five in the fantasy saga of A Song of Ice and Fire (that is if you are reading UK edition of the books). To be honest, if you are just about to embark on further adventure in the Game of Thrones, you really needn’t someone else’s review on the book series. By now, you would’ve formed your own opinion on the style and manner of writing and content. Besides, it would be impossible to review this book without giving away too much. One thing I will say, ‘Goddam it! It is still darn brilliant.’ That’s all you’ll need to set yourself comfortable and start reading the book. And one other thing, at the end of the book, Martin gives a background to the Red Wedding (nice surprise!) and you though Catelyn Stark was a goner… happy reading! :)