Under the Weather: Stories About Climate Change - Tony Bradman

edited by Tony Bredman


When I picked up this book in the ‘On Sale’ box, little did I realise that the book is put together for children, I’d say, between 10-12 years old. Nevertheless, I was curious to read about climate change from a non-political point of view.


The book contains eight short stories written by authors from Philippines, Australia and England. They all talk about how human activities influence climate change in different parts of the world from  melting ice caps in the north, to floods in South East Asia. I found most of the stories slightly condescending and preachy, but then you have to remind yourself that you are reading a children’s book. Although, Moonlight struck a chord with me and I found it sadly beautiful.


Overall, the book will work well as a reading supplement to children who are being introduced to the topic of climate change.


The stories are:
How to Build the Perfect Sandcastle by Candy Gourlay – set in Philippines and deals with floods due to overharvesting the ocean that takes place in South East Asia.


Sea Canaries by Susan Sandercock – the story is about a teenager who is discovering her love for marine biology and what she can do to save the ocean life.


As busy As… by Francis McCrickard – obviously – BEE! Yes, the story is about bees and two pen pals: one is from England and the second is from Africa who find that they care about bees.


Tommo and the Bike Train by Miriam Halahmy – is set in England and discusses how floods affect our every day life.


Climate [Short] Change by Lily Hyde – set in Siberia and focuses on encouraging local people to take care of their environment.


Moonlight by Karen Ball. It is set in Sri Lanka and it is about orphaned sister and brother who have to work long hours to feed themselves and sacrifice they have to face in order to make it through the life.


Future Dreaming by George Ivanoff is set in Australia and about a girl who keeps dreaming of a boy who asks her for help as he is being swept away by floods.


Wasters by Linda Newberry – is set in the post-apocalyptic future and about two schoolchildren who have to write a report about how extravagant and wasteful previous generation has been with the world’s resources.