Miss Marple's Six Final Cases and Two Other Stories - Agatha Christie

by Agatha Christie


It was lovely to return to the queen of crime and her famous spinster (not offensive anymore!) sleuth, Miss Marple. No particular reason is given in the book as to why these are her final cases – Miss Marple does not die here, at least. So, a safe assumption could be made that Miss Marple just retired from sleuthing.


The book itself isn’t big – only 140 pages. So if you are fast reader it won’t take too long to page through six cases and two unrelated to Miss Marple stories.


Miss Marple’s cases are: Sanctuary, Strange Jest, Tape-Measure Murder, The Case of the Caretaker, The Case of the Perfect Maid, Miss Marple Tells a Story.


The two stories included in the book are: The Dressmaker’s Doll, In A Glass Darkly


Did I like the book? Yes! It’s Agatha Christie. Her way of storytelling is old-fashioned and classic. Nobody talks or even writes like this anymore. Nostalgic. The detective cases are short, but full of energy to keep you guessing. I have watched many of Miss Marple’s adaptations on TV, but never came across these particular ones. So, it might be a discovery for you too.


The two stories were a pleasant surprise for me as I only know and read Agatha Christie as a crime writer. The stories have gothic elements of storytelling and deal with loneliness, loyalty and love. Unregrettable read!