Is It Just Me? - Miranda Hart

I enjoyed Miranda’s antics on her own BBC show ‘Miranda’. But I have to admit, it took me a while to “get into” the book. I blame an acquaintance of mine who told me she was given an audio version of the book (read by Ms Hart herself) and that the audiobook is great. That got me thinking perhaps I should get an audiobook to get me reading/listening. Nay, I stuck with the book. So, soon after I had overcome the block of the ‘audiobook is great’, I finished the book and this is what I have to say about it.


Firstly, if you are a big fan of the show, it will be difficult not to hear Miranda’s voice reading to you as you turn the pages. ‘Such Fun’,  ‘Dear Chum’, ‘Rude’ and other well-known Miranda phrases make a come back in the book. The book is more like an extension to the show, just in case you got nostalgic. Is It Just Me? covers various life topics such as Music, Hobbies, Work, Technology, Beauty, Bodies, Exercise, Health and Diets, Holidays and Relationships. Miranda boldly shares her own life experiences (some of them are so outrageous, it makes you wonder if they truly happened!). As Miranda discusses these topics, she also offers alternative solutions if there was such a place as Miranda-land. For example, there will be no gyms in Miranda-land and every adult will be required to gallop in an art gallery. The narrative is often interrupted by the eighteen-year-old Miranda who is either in shock to discover that the older Miranda never got married and never had those children, or seeks the older Miranda’s advice on different matters of life.


I found the book entertaining, light-hearted and ‘tell-me-about’ type. It finds a common ground with the reader and one can identify with many points Miranda discusses. In the book blurb, Miranda expresses her wish for a much desired manual to life. So, here is her attempt at making one – a Miran-ual.


So, I don’t know about the audiobook, but Is It Just Me? was quite enjoyable to read. Such fun!